Self-Sabotage: Why Do We Do It?

Learn the WHY behind your self-sabotage behavior

Today I am going to cover Self-Sabotage. You will get the quick & simple answer to your question.  I along with my clients have dealt with and sometimes still dealing with self-sabotage.  And how we keep it in the back seat. Why Is This A Good Question? I love this question and I think it […]

How To Get Over Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome Help for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Do you feel you will be found out any minute now?  Or you are not qualified to be where you are? Your anxiety is off the charts and one breath away from falling apart.  Hold on, help is on the way.  You will learn how to get over imposter syndrome. Technique 1. Identify Specifically Where […]

How To Launch Your Business Online

21st century way to Launch your Business

First let me congratulate you on getting this far, you are at 3rd base and this video will get you to home base.  You will learn how to launch your business online for the 21st century.  There is really only one step.  I know you are looking at me crazy, but it is not that […]

Cost of Starting Online Business

Cost of starting online business

Are you trying to get your ducks in a row, so you can start your dream business?  Not sure what it will cost to start this online business.  Cause we know they do not teach this in B – School.  You will learn what are the items and dollars to start your online business. Permits […]

Turn A Hobby Into A Business

Turning a hobby into a business

Have you been doing your hobby for a while and now wondering can this be a business?  Get your pen and pad. You will learn the 8 steps to take to turn your hobby into a business.  Step 1. Validate your Hobby as Profitable Biz Idea Before you jump into getting your LLC and telling […]

How To Replace Your Job Income

Replace your income with your Business

Are you ready to get the heck of your job, but that 2-week check is nothing to sneeze at?  I get you.  You will learn how to replace your income, so YOU decide when to leave your job. Step 1: Determine your Monthly Take Home Pay This is where people get tripped up.  They look […]

How To Start A Online Business Plan

Writing a business plan

If you are still in the mind frame that you cannot start your online business without a formal plan.  Well I got you covered.  The good news is that it does not have to be long and drawn out like the traditional business plans.  Remember you are the banker.  You will learn the components of […]

Overcome Fear of Failure

Eliminate Fear of Failure

Learn the steps I take when I find I am fearful to move towards my goals, because I think I will be a failure. Acknowledge the Fear When you recognize you are not moving toward your desired goal due to fear.  Acknowledge the fear.  Do not avoid it and do something you enjoy more.  By […]

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