Knowing What to Do is Not Enough

Knowing what to do is not enough

Knowing What To Do, But… How many of you make a new year’s resolution to lose weight or go to the gym? How many of you actually reach your goals? This is a prime example of knowing WHAT to do but not staying motivated to actually DO it. Intellectually we all KNOW that eating healthy […]

Which Do You Value More: Money or Time?

Do you value more your money or time?

/Certainly you’ve heard the old adage, Time is money. If you’re a Online business owner, your time is valuable because you have valuable knowledge to share with your audience. Your time is best used catering to those customers and clients who need your knowledge instead of struggling over some back office tasks that are not […]

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

You don't know everything

Are you trying to learn everything about everything in an effort to save money? Sure, it’s tough to admit you need help but if you continue being everything to everyone, you’ll burn out and resent your business or life. Years ago when I was first starting my coaching business I was in an online conversation […]

Rock Networking Events-Business Strategies

Rock networking events

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re an extrovert or an introvert. Chances are you’ll feel as if you missed several opportunities to soar in any given Networking event. Following these twenty-one ideas for effective engagement will help you connect like a rock star while noticeably improving your comfort level. You’ll be so busy enjoying […]

Goal-Setting: Simple and Fun Strategies

Simple and fun goal-setting strategies

There is no one goal-setting strategy that is perfect for everyone—but there are many goal-setting strategies that are perfect for just one person. Here are twenty-one tried-and-true strategies: I challenge you to try each one at least once, to see which work best for you. 1. Brainstorm with Sticky Notes The beauty of using sticky […]

How to Live a Confident Lifestyle

Live In Confidence

Here are twenty-one proven ideas for building your confidence so you can magnetically attract the people you want in your life. Choose and put into practice the ones that best resonate with you. 1. Use Music One of the simplest tricks for helping yourself to both take action and feel more confident: Creating your own […]

How to Choose a Business Coach

Business coaching

If you really want life-changing results from your coaching experience, realize up front that it is a team effort. You are not being “taught” by the expert: The two of you are going to be working together to create a paradigm shift in your life that is utterly transformative—for the better. These nineteen ideas will […]

Procrastination Lifestyle – 21 Ways to Overcome

21 ways to overcome procrastination

While there are common causes and reasons for procrastination, there are even more “cures”. Pick through these twenty-one ideas to find strategies that work for you. 1. Banish Guilt If you’ve been a procrastinator since childhood, it may have been made worse by overly-authoritarian parents or teachers. Procrastination can also be a type of avoidance […]