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Broke Lifestyle: 3 Money Mistakes

Broke Lifestyle: Stop Making these 3 Money Mistakes

Poor money management has been the cause of more business failures and broke lifestyle, than any other single issue. And it’s no wonder. We figure it out along the way, through much trial and error. Those same mindset issues and bad habits that wreak havoc in our personal finances can plague our businesses as well […]

Better Lifestyle – 21 Days to Gratitude

Better Lifestyle - 21 Days to Gratitude

Embracing gratitude to create more abundance and clarity in twenty-one days will require creating new habits, commitment and focus. Here are 21 ideas for maximizing your efforts, to make your new lifestyle as joyful and stress-free as possible. 1. Surround Yourself with Beauty Look for ways to add visual beauty in your surroundings. Treat yourself […]

Manifest Money For Lifestyle & Business

Manifest Money into your Online Business

There are countless ways to manifest more money in your lifestyle & online business. The trick is to find the methods that work best with your core belief system and values. Here are 21 ways you can choose from to manifest money into your lifestyle and online business: 1. Give Up Control While it is […]

How to Live a Confident Lifestyle

Live In Confidence

Here are twenty-one proven ideas for building your confidence so you can magnetically attract the people you want in your life. Choose and put into practice the ones that best resonate with you. 1. Use Music One of the simplest tricks for helping yourself to both take action and feel more confident: Creating your own […]

Procrastination Lifestyle – 21 Ways to Overcome

21 ways to overcome procrastination

While there are common causes and reasons for procrastination, there are even more “cures”. Pick through these twenty-one ideas to find strategies that work for you. 1. Banish Guilt If you’ve been a procrastinator since childhood, it may have been made worse by overly-authoritarian parents or teachers. Procrastination can also be a type of avoidance […]