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To be able to leave your 9-5 you have to have a plan. That plan doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right tools you can create a business you will love and start it while you are working your 9-5 and have the ability to confidently be ready to step out on your own when the timing is right for you.

The Dream Business Launcher Course was created for those who are sick of working the regular 9-5 route and you know you want more but are unsure where to start as you build a business.

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Renee has over 15+ years of experience in the corporate world. She has had management roles in HR, international healthcare and project management. But the role she loves the most is Job Exit Strategist for her own company, Renee M. Lamb, LLC. Renee is not only passionate for, (well maybe obsessed) being an advocate for helping professionals to gain freedom and wealth via entrepreneurship. She believes her role is to give them wings so they can soar to greater heights on their entrepreneurship journey. She does this by her coaching programs and courses.