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Purchases & Refunds

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Due to the nature of our products, there are no refunds for our digital courses or coaching packages.
Occasionally we will run promotions for our services. If you have a discount code you can enter it into the discount area at checkout.

Making Courses

Customers can change account names, passwords, and more from the Profile Link at the top of our website when they are logged in.
At the bottom of every mass email we send to clients, there is an unsubscribe button you can click to be removed from our mailing list.
Missing mobile purchase
If you purchased a course on iOS or Android, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to support@reneemlamb.com.
Multiple e-mail accounts
If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a Facebook or Google account, try logging in with the associate e-mail addresses.

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