How To Get Over Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome Help for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Do you feel you will be found out any minute now?  Or you are not qualified to be where you are? Your anxiety is off the charts and one breath away from falling apart.  Hold on, help is on the way.  You will learn how to get over imposter syndrome.

Technique 1. Identify Specifically Where You Feel As An Imposter

This is a very important step. You do not feel like a fraud as a human being.  You feel like a fraud in a specific place in your life.  Zone in on that one thing you feel like a fraud the most.  For example, you feel like a fraud in the technical knowledge you need in that new position, or being the boss at your job or your business, selling to a client. 

Answer the following questions to drill down to the specific:

I feel like a fraud as…….

Then ask yourself Why?

Once you answer the first why, if you feel as though you did not get to the root cause, ask yourself Why? Again.  Do not leave this step until you know specifically where you feel as a fraud.

Technique 2. Create A “Win” Box

If you have not done this already, you need to immediately.  Got to tjmaxx or ross and go all the way in the back, where you will find arts and crafts items, somewhere there you will find pretty boxes you can purchase to put your wins into.

Let’s talk about what goes into the win file. 

  • All accomplishments.
  • Any email where someone is saying nice things about you. 

NOTE: Not everything needs to be from someone else.  There are many times I write down on a piece of paper something I have accomplished.  For example, any money I have received from my business.  Being consistent with my exercise regimen.

The way to utilize this is to read all or specific wins, accomplishments or you are a great person.

This will remind you how great you are.  How competent and/or skilled you are.  How people appreciate your talents and gifts.

Technique 3. Take – Action

Taking-action towards the thing you feel as a fraud or imposter; eventually will put that feeling in your rear-view window.  You will gain more confidence as you get closer to where you want to be.

Pro-tip – I will sometimes research the topic to see what information is out there about it.  I find that a lot of time, I know more than I tell myself.  Which helps me to sure up my confidence in that subject matter.

Technique 4. Visualize your success

This is my favorite one out of them all. 

Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes and take about 3 deep breathes. 

Start to see yourself as successful in the area where you are feeling as an imposter. 

Really take in how you feel, what are you wearing, what is going on around you?  Really feel it and not just watch it as a spectator. 

Science Says

That your brain cannot differentiate between you actually doing something and you visualizing you doing something.  It takes it as if it is done.  As you keep visualizing your success, your brain stores it as something accomplished.  It helps you to feel more confident about that situation.

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