Negative Self-Talk Is Destroying Your Money

Mindset Matters - Negative Self-talk Destroying Your Money

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Negative Money Mindset Talk

“I’ve never been good with money.”

“I hate budgets.”

“I’ll never be a 6-figure earner.”

“My market won’t pay premium prices.”

If you’ve ever heard these statements come out of your mouth—or even in your head—then you’re engaging in a damaging habit known as negative self-talk. By telling yourself these lies (and yes, they are lies) you’re reinforcing the beliefs that go along with them.

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Tell yourself that you’re not good with money, and you won’t be. Believe that budgets are horrible chores to be reviled, and you’ll resist creating one. Convince yourself that you can’t earn a 6-figure income, and you won’t.

It’s not “the secret.” It’s a scientific fact. Known as a self-fulfilling prophecy, this kind of self-talk results in poor performance simply because we act as if it’s already true.

If you tell yourself that you’ll never be a 6-figure earner, you will not do the things that 6-figure business owners do. You won’t work to grow your mailing list (“No one reads my emails anyway”), you won’t increase your coaching rates (“It’s not like I’m some top-earning coach”), and you won’t build a brand worthy of a 6-figure income (“A beautiful brand isn’t necessary at this income level”).

By contrast, if you act and think as if you already are a 6-figure earner, you’ll approach your business quite differently. Your confidence level will increase. You’ll present a very different brand to your prospective clients. You’ll go out of your way to connect with those who can and will afford to pay your higher rates.


How to Combat Negative Self Talk

The first step toward changing your negative self-talk is to simply acknowledge that you do it. Tick a mental checkbox every time you catch yourself making negative statements, this includes you saying it out loud or in your head.

Make a note of the ones that come up most often for you, and identify their origin if you can. For example, if your significant other or parents  continually berated you for your spending habits. Guess what – “I’m no good with money” mantra can be laid right at their feet. It’s time to turn that thinking around.

The next time you catch yourself saying “I’m no good with money,” take a minute to recall 5 instances where you were good with money. Maybe you paid off your credit cards or saved for a house or built an emergency fund. Rephrase your self-talk to, “I used to be bad with money [if that’s true], but now I make smart choices to achieve my goals.”

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As a result of reframing your thinking, your business and personal finances will certainly improve.

Book Recommendation

A great book to check out, that will help you around your money mindset is below.  Click on the image to read about it.


Next Steps


First things first, lets benchmark where you are today.  On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you rate your negative self-talk. Ten is bad, one is fantastic.


Pick the biggest negative self talk issue you will work to combat


Rewrite that negative chatter with a positive affirmation.


Post that affirmation everywhere you will see it.

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Renee Lamb

Renee has over 15+ years of experience in the corporate world. She has had management roles in HR, international healthcare and project management. But the role she loves the most is Job Exit Strategist for her own company, Renee M. Lamb, LLC. Renee is not only passionate for, (well maybe obsessed) being an advocate for helping professionals to gain freedom and wealth via entrepreneurship. She believes her role is to give them wings so they can soar to greater heights on their entrepreneurship journey. She does this by her coaching programs and courses.

  • I have a huge negative self talk problem. I’ve really been trying to work on it. It has taken me a very long time to come to terms with the fact that my negative self-talk has been limiting in my success.

    • Renee Lamb says:

      Nicole – if we have been doing it for a long time, it does take time for us to recognize that we are even doing it. Then correlate it to it showing up in our physical lives. Kuddos to you for recognizing it and working on it.

  • Jessie says:

    This was such a great read. I’ve been having a hard time with this and never thought about it this way. I’m going to try this and be more positive about how I handle money problems. I’m going to check out this book too!

    • Renee Lamb says:

      Jessie – I am so happy to hear that it gave you another perspective on how to deal with this issue. Yes! on getting the book. I am glad that you like the book recommendation.

  • Whether it be money or any other matter, I try to live by this. Negative self-talk can be so damaging and paralyzing, putting a total stop to any growth before we can even make a plan. Thank you for the reminder to keep our energies positive when it comes to our financial futures.

    • Renee Lamb says:

      Yes Lois, we all need to be reminded from time to time. Life gets in the way and we can revert back to old habits. Thanks for your comment, it is true what you wrote.

  • Marjie Mare says:

    I always say that we are our own barriers. Negative self-talk is the hardest roadblock that we need to overcome, Thanks so much for this great reminder.

  • They say that whatever you think will come true, so getting rid of negative thoughts is so essential! I can see how that would translate into money situations as well.

    • Renee Lamb says:

      Yes, if we speak or keep thinking negative thoughts around our money, it will come true. We need to reverse that and get into a space of gratitude for what we do have.

  • Jennifer says:

    The way you talk destroys so much. I totally agree with the points you make here

  • Gina says:

    I have always known negative self-talk was harmful. Ii never thought about it affecting my finances also. Definitely, need to change my mindset.

  • Anton Cook says:

    Yup, a negative self-talk can bring your financial empire to the scratch from the peak. Like, negative self-talk, a positive self-talk can become your self-fulfilling prophecy. Simply, by reframing your thinking pattern, you can give a boost to your business finances. Time has already reached when you have to turn the negative thinking around. But the fact is, combating the gloomy assumptions can never be straightforward. Better you consult a seasoned life coach so that you can get better results instantly.

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