Overcome Fear of Failure

Eliminate Fear of Failure

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Learn the steps I take when I find I am fearful to move towards my goals, because I think I will be a failure.

Acknowledge the Fear

When you recognize you are not moving toward your desired goal due to fear.  Acknowledge the fear.  Do not avoid it and do something you enjoy more.  By acknowledging it, you can start the process of dealing with it.  Also, you need to say it aloud.  I am fearful of failing at XYZ


Now that you acknowledge it, you most likely will feel it strong in your body.  So, center yourself by breathing.  Not the shallow breath.  But deep breathes.  Take 3-5 deep breathes.  Breathe in through your nose to fill expand your stomach.  Hold the breath slightly for a second.  Then slowly breath through your mouth.  At the end, you should feel your body relax.  If you have to do more than 5 deep breathes do it.  Don’t rush pass this step.

Identify What You Really Want

When you are overcome with fear cause you think you will fail, this is the time to pause. Sometimes, fear can overpower your ability to see your goal clearly. You get lost in the emotion and lose sight of your vision. Reflect on what it is that you want. Is your goal to start your business? Or is your goal to speak at a conference, get on a board or be a contributing writer for a media platform? Focus on your end goal to stabilize yourself. When you can see your goal, you are in a better position to tackle it. Don’t let fear cloud your vision.

Identify The Obstacle

Once you regain your footing and clarity on what you want, own up to what is making you fearful of failure. Afraid of criticism for not knowing something? Are you afraid of failing to be yourself? Are you afraid of competition? What specific part are you afraid at failing at?

Understand what is stopping you so that you can overcome it. If you don’t see the hurdle, you can’t jump over it. Embrace the barrier to break free from it.

Recognize The Benefit Of Fear

Fear in any form means you are outside of your comfort zone.   So, ask yourself these two questions

  1. Do you want to retreat to your comfort zone?
  2. Or, do you want to move forward to your growth?

So, if you are deciding to stay in your comfort zone at least 51% of the time, then do not get mad when you see others passing you by.  Even that person you think you are just as smart as or could do a better job.  The difference could be they chose to move towards growth at least 51% of the time.


See, with growth comes new skills.  With new skills, you can leverage into capital.  Intellectual capital (mean becoming an authority figure on a specific subject matter) and/or Monetary capital, packaging your skills into a product or program to be sold.

Next Steps

How about learning what is your entrepreneur superpower is?  When you stand in your strength, your fear must take all the seats.  Below this post click the button to take the Entrepreneur Superpower quiz.

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Renee Lamb

Renee has over 15+ years of experience in the corporate world. She has had management roles in HR, international healthcare and project management. But the role she loves the most is Job Exit Strategist for her own company, Renee M. Lamb, LLC. Renee is not only passionate for, (well maybe obsessed) being an advocate for helping professionals to gain freedom and wealth via entrepreneurship. She believes her role is to give them wings so they can soar to greater heights on their entrepreneurship journey. She does this by her coaching programs and courses.

  • I always find myself wanting to retreat back to my comfort zone when I’m confronted with fear. I’m hoping your tips will help me to finally overcome my fears and learn new skills.

    • Renee Lamb says:

      Terri – try them out and see what works. Feel free to tweak to fit you. The most important thing is to recognize and then work on it. Congrats to you.

  • The fear of failure is a real and present thing that most don’t or won’t acknowledge the existence and presence of.

  • Chad says:

    This is amazing especially the part where you mentioned recognizing the benefits of fear, this is amazing. Thanks a lot.

  • Alicia says:

    These are great tips to live by for sure. I will be passing these along to a few friends I know who could benefit.

  • I need to do this – the fear of failure often stops me doing things I really want to do! Thanks for the tips!

  • Nina says:

    we all have fears! we wish to be free of it. it can be overcome by recognising the root causes 🙂

  • Leona Martin says:

    Fear is one part of many senses of our lives that exists and many don’t understand it for we don’t know how to deal with it. You have given the great tips/steps to help . Love the breathing steps and I find I use them consistently in many different cases.

  • Awesome post. I think the fear of failure is something everyone has to a degree.

    • Renee Lamb says:

      We wouldn’t be human if we did not. But in the process of overcoming it, is where we find our strengths and gifts we did not know we had. So it does serve a purpose.

  • It can be so hard to overcome a fear, but worth the effort it takes! I am afriad of heights and have to give myself a pep talk before going out on a rooftop. I still venture up to high places though and it is worth the anxiety. Conquered fears are the best kind!

    • Renee Lamb says:


      You are so correct. I did that with horseback riding. When I was young I had a horrible experience. But as an adult, I forced myself to try it again. Now I am no one’s professional rider, but I know I won’t run away from it.

  • Oh, this fear of failure. So many times it made to procrastinate and lowered my productivity levels. Thank you for these tips. Very useful.

  • Stephanie says:

    Facing fears can be so hard, but as you said it can be the only way to grow! And you never know what may happen if you don’t take the leap.

    • Renee Lamb says:

      Right Stephanie, you never know until you take the leap. We forget that things we find easy now, at one time was scary and new to us. But we got over that fear. Thanks for your comment

  • I’m currently struggling with my obstacle. I know exactly what it is and what to do with moving past it, but it’s definitely not easy!

    • Renee Lamb says:

      Give yourself grace. Based on what you said, you are on third base. Relish in that huge accomplishment. You got it and I will see you at the home plate.

  • Nati says:

    Excellent post! this guide will be very helpful when I find myself in those difficult situations! Thank you!

  • Christa says:

    This is such a wonderful way to break down how to overcome fears. Identifying obstacles is so important in moving forward.

  • Courtney says:

    Oooo such a helpful guide on how to handle fear!! I’m usually not someone who gets scared of things, but every once in awhile….

  • Courtney says:

    Oooo such a helpful guide on how to handle fear!! I’m usually not someone who gets scared of things, but every once in awhile….

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