Self-development Mistakes To Avoid!

Self-development Mistakes

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You have decided that you need to increase your self-development, so that you can soar to new heights!

Tired of being in the same place, doing the same thing!

First, congratulations on your decision to step into your greatness!!

But before you start on this amazing journey of self-development there is one thing you must do first.

This one thing is a crucial component to ensuring your success.

Drum roll please!!!!!

You need to look at the people who currently surround you. Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”Click to Tweet


Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you evaluate and make the right decision for where you are going.

1. Does the person seem to thrive on constant drama or put-down antics?

2. How did the friendship form?

3. Do you care more about your friend than he/she do about you?

4. Are you finding yourself looking for reasons to remain friends?

Let me be clear, if you find the friendship cannot last for where you are going, does not give you the right to be rude or make them feel bad.

Take this free advice, from the reformed cut off queen herself.

Try to make a smooth transition if possible.

For example, limit the time you spend with them.

Start filling up your life, with the new activities or new people who will assist and inspire you on your journey of greatness.


Now that you have went through the exercise of finding who is not on the same path as you, what do you look for in the people who should be on your journey.

At minimum, you should have these types of friends around you:

1. Challenger

2. Risk Taker

3. Cheerleader

4. Coach

5. Critical Thinker

6. Comedian

Challenger – they will tell you like it is. They are honest with you. Will challenge your thought and open your mind to another way to think. Make you grow.

Risk Taker – they will do the things you never thought about doing or too scared to do. They will expose you to new things. Open your eyes to new possibilities you never thought you could do.

Cheerleader – they will cheer you on as you move along your journey. They are your biggest champions; they are happy for your success. Give the best pep talks ever!

Coach – they are the friend who you talk things over with. They do not try to give you the answer, but help you discover it for yourself. They ask great questions to make you think beyond the surface. Non-judgmental.

Critical Thinker – they are the ones with all the questions. They make you go deeper, into why you are doing something. They cut straight through the BS. Think of them as the two-year-old, who keeps asking, “Why?”

Comedian – they are the ones who make you laugh from your belly. They ease the tension of your life, and allow you to enjoy. But remember within in every joke is the truth. But what a fun way to learn.

Once you have done the work to tighten up your inner circle.

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You my friend have positioned yourself for

Self-Development Success!!

Self-Development Book Recommendation

Dale Carnegie’s rock-solid, time-tested advice has carried countless people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.

How many of the friends do you currently have in your circle?  Bonus – when are you going to clean up your circle, give me a date? Let me know in the comments.

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Renee Lamb

Renee has over 15+ years of experience in the corporate world. She has had management roles in HR, international healthcare and project management. But the role she loves the most is Job Exit Strategist for her own company, Renee M. Lamb, LLC. Renee is not only passionate for, (well maybe obsessed) being an advocate for helping professionals to gain freedom and wealth via entrepreneurship. She believes her role is to give them wings so they can soar to greater heights on their entrepreneurship journey. She does this by her coaching programs and courses.